STS Smart Prepaid Meter

The meter offers options for extended surge protection for lightening up to 13kV with a build-in 6.5kA VDR and a wide voltage working range. It is intended for unstable grid voltage environment such as African and Central American continent where brownouts and voltage dips are extremely frequent. The meter works in a three phase four wire (optional) network with 100 Amp per phase, allowing it to operate in very severe environments. It is a perfect revenue protection device for sub-metering of residential, light commercial and industrial applications.


20 digit (Standard Transfer Specification) STS encryption Up to 13kV/6.5kA surge protection for lightening and other line surges IR optical & RS485 port allowing for easy data interrogation Disconnects on overload and no credit
Programmable power limit and low credit warning
Tamper detection and event record such as opening cover, reverse connection, black-out Dual power source working on both prepayment and credit mode Maximum demand measurement and load profiling (on request).

Terminal cover is transparent and shows the connection diagram on bottom side STS compliance prepayment meters GSM/GPRS modem (for communication over sms) Infra-red and optical port