Miraton Rose is an energy consulting and servicing company specialized in energy audit and analysis, procurement , deployment , installation and management of energy systems. The Company’s mission is to provide high quality and reliable energy solutions to clients at considerably low prices. Miraton Rose analyzes its clients’ power needs and proffers energy solutions by providing them with options of powering up their homes with solar power generating technology, bio-gas, energy storage option with AC/DC inverters with deep cycle batteries or lithium ion batteries, smart integrated energy management system (SI-EMS), Power Plant installation and management

World's Leading Industry

10years of experience

Our Vision

To provide quality products and services for the African European region at considerably low prices

Our Mission

To provide comfort where man lives, work and play, using the best at twice the quality; half the price

Core Values

We are built to deliver and optimize our operation processes, to meet the needs and desires of our clients with drive, integrity and loyalty

Management Team

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Estates we currently serve